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As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner I often, like most people, wake up in the middle of the night full of doubt and fear…especially just before month end.

For me, like most people in life, I find that I have to be open to a force that is much more powerful than me. I pray, I meditate, I contemplate and now and again I receive insights that calm me and guide me in a specific direction.

The Personal Development & Spiritual Life section of my Blog is there with only the good intent to support and serve the core beliefs and values of all people, regardless of race, creed or religion. This insight is not meant to challenge, convince or spark a debate.

The force that is present in most of our lives has many names. Some of them are Allah, Shiva, Krishna, God, El Shaddai, Buddha, Great Spirit, The Infinite, and the list goes on. The language I utilise is God.

I have shared this insight with many close friends of different religions and faiths and they have convinced me to share it with the world. Our Spiritual Life is a key part of our success in life. The insight that I share with you in this article came to me at 3:30am one morning after waking up full of stress and worry. I read it often. It came from a source higher than my ego self.


Lift Me Up To The High Road Of Life


“Oh Yee Of Little Faith”

Is An “Amazing State That Shouldn’t Rate.”

It Is “Rough … When I’m Caught Up”

In The “Dance Of The Trance”

Of The Collective Consciousness

Of The “Carnal Mind Of Humankind”


Yesterday I Had An Awareness, An Understanding

And A Knowledge Of Spirit

That Appeared With “Clarity To Be Prosperity”

And That Was “Born As Form”

Then The Human Mind … Through The

Many Years Of The “Madness Of Sadness

And The Many “Bouts With Doubts”

Slowly “Seeped In During My Sleep” And

I Awoke Shaken By The “Fears Of The Years”

Where I Had Been “Beaten By What The Locust Had Eaten”

And By A “Past That Didn’t Last”


Oh Lord, I’m “So Aware That It Is Only A Scare”

And All I Have To Do Is Have A “Date With Faith”

To “Restore My Fate” And To “Have A View Of The New”

That Only Comes From The “Light Of The Flight”

Of “The High Road Of Life”


Oh Lord, Once Again, “Lift Me Up With The Sight Of The Right”

And “Leave Behind The Carnal Mind”

And Leave Me With The “Health And The Wealth”

Of The “High Road Of Life” That Will

“Go Before And Restore” The Many Years

That The Locusts Have Eaten.

–         Bill Gibson

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