Bill Gibson – Mother Nature Opens Us Up

On two days in February in the heat of the South African summer I got up at about 5:00am at Kwa Maritane in the Pilanesberg National Park. I sat on the patio and took in the beauty and sounds of nature and the wild life. I was entertaining two gentleman, Riadh and Ali from Kuwait, who came to South Africa to obtain the licencing rights to take my programs into the Middle East. We agreed we would invest in 2-3 days  in getting to know each other before entering into negotiation. It was great to get to know each other’s values, beliefs, and practices to ensure there was a proper fit. I personally was doing everything I could to be centred and confident in the negotiations.

The following two insights of a spiritual nature came to me and added great strength to me and continues to do so when I re-read them. Hopefully you will find them useful for you.

The Personal Development & Spiritual Life section of my Blog is there with only the good intent to support and serve the core beliefs and values of all people, regardless of race, creed or religion. This insight is not meant to challenge, convince or spark a debate.

The force that is present in most of our lives has many names. Some of them are Allah, Shiva, Krishna, God, El Shaddai, Buddha, Great Spirit, The Infinite, and the list goes on. The language I utilise is God.

Follow His Plan


I see, I feel and I know,

That the Divine Expression is the flow.

The birds, the bees, the grass and the trees,

Are God’s Demonstration that we can be free.


His ever flowing creative energy,

Fills my life with Divine Synergy.

The joy and the love of every incident,

Is without a doubt not a co-incidence.


He has a direction and he has a plan,

For you, for me, for every woman, child and man.

He writes it here and he writes it there,

And all we have to do is be aware.


Make him your focus and make him your life,

And you will find out everything is alright.

Feeling great and feeling light,

Is all part of being blessed with his insight.


It can be yours and it can be mine,

All we have to do is read the signs.

Peace, hope and clarity,

Is what comes with God’s charity.


Keep him close and keep him near,

Then you will live without any fear.

You are blessed and so am I,

Because in the end, we will be on “High”


As Within…So Without



I plant the seeds of all my needs,

 And ask the gardener to remove the weeds.

I water these flowers of my mind,

 And my old reality is left behind.


I find myself “on a roll”,

 When my divine flowers align with my soul.

If it is within…then it is without,

And now I’ve discovered “this is the route”


My divine needs, wants and desires,

 Have become the fuel that feeds my fire.

My mind, body and my  soul,

 Support the reaching of my goals.


As above…then so below,

 Is the only law I have to know.

When I’m aware and understand,

 I’m pleasantly surprised where I land.


My faith, hopes and my trust,

 Are the divine powers behind my thrust.

My joy, love and my fun,

 Confirms for me…that It Is Done.


I say to you and I say to me,

 That you and I can be free.

If we look above and look within,

 Completeness is ours in the end.

–       Bill Gibson

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