About Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson, Chairman and Founder

International Speaker, Author and Trainer


Here’s What Five Great Authors Say About Bill Gibson And His Programs:

“The most inspiring, amazing and comprehensive Sales, Business Development and Marketing Programs on the planet. Wow!” – Dr. John Demartini, Bestselling Author of “How to Make One Hell of A Profit and Still Get to Heaven”, “The Riches Within”, “The Breakthrough Experience” and contributing author to “The Secret”

“I highly recommend the things you write, the things you say and the ideas you generate. Talk about practicing what you preach! You are a world-class practitioner.” – Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing”, “Guerrilla Marketing Attack”

“Bill Gibson has more solutions than you and I have problems. Listen well and all your problems will turn into profitable opportunities.” – Dennis Waitley, Author, “The Psychology of Winning” “The Seeds Of Greatness Treasury”, “Being The Best” and contributing author to “The Secret”

“Bill Gibson’s material is the kind of information America needs to hear. We can all benefit from listening and applying the principles he outlines.”
– Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, “The Sky’s the Limit”, “The Power of Intention” and “Change Your Life”

“Anyone sincerely interested in being more effective should listen to this programme and apply it at every opportunity. It may be the very best compilation of practical ideas ever assembled.” – Brian Tracy, Author “The Psychology of Achievement” “Personal Achievement” and “Mastering Your Time”

Bill’s Keynote Addresses And Short Seminar Topics Include:

• How To Gain Market Share In A Tough Economy
• How To Get Up And Stay Up In A Down Economy
• Why South Africa Is Such A Great Place To Be “Right Now”
• How To Influence Anyone, Anywhere At Any Time
• Bridging Cross Cultural Gaps With Ease
• Converting Values Differences Into Productive Relationships
• How To Make Pressure Work For You Not Against You
• Boosting Sales And Profits With Focus Selling
• How To Stay In Front Of Clients More Often
• Turning Objections Into Sales
• How To Influence Top Level Executives Quickly
• Managing Complex Business Relationships
• Moving From Ideas To Action (Putting Ideas To Work)
• “Stand Out” From The Crowd With Amplification Marketing
• Negotiating Your Way To Success
• Super Team Super Service
• Marketing Yourself And Your Business From The Inside-Out
• How To Find The Right Business Opportunities
• Boosting The Morale And Productivity Of Your People
• Putting Sizzle Into Your Meetings
• How To Attract, Hire And Keep Top Producers
• How To Get A “Fast Start” After A Break
• How To Market A Community Or Country From The Inside Out
• How To Build A Speech And Endlessly Hold An Audience

Bill always takes time to customise his speeches and seminars to each audience!

Client Focused – Solution Driven – Relationship Sensitive

  • Client Focused, Solution Driven and Relationship Sensitive is Bill Gibson’s Motto. In advance, Bill gathers relevant information from you and adjusts and customises his speech or seminar to address timely issues and topics that are current in your participants’ business lives and personal lives.
  • Bill also asks you “What is it that I will have done for you in my speech or seminar that will prompt you to say whole heartedly at the end of the speech…Bill, you were “Spot On”, you delivered exactly what my group and I needed?” Bill then delivers with your expectations as the goal.
  • Bill has a background as a Certified Instructor of Dr Thomas Gordon’s “Leader Effectiveness Training” and “Parent Effectiveness Training” Programs and is an absolute master of non-verbal and verbal communications. Combining these with his unsurpassed creative talent, Bill can adapt and effectively deliver the material in most of the topics above even to participants and audiences that are non-sales, non-marketing and non-entrepreneurial type people. (Support staff, administrators, educators, students, non-profit groups, family members, etc.) He believes “If you are alive you are in the business of influencing and persuading others and you are operating your own personal business called LIFE”.
  • Bill is flexible and spontaneous and has the uncanny ability to combine many of the topics above in one session to give your people or guests exactly what they need and want. The breadth and depth of content on the topics of Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Business Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurism, Personal Development and Motivation found in Bill’s system and programs total over 50 days of classroom training. (The Professional Sales Representative Career Programme totals 333 hours of classroom training). That is why he can offer such a variety of topics for you to choose from or combine for your session.
  • He utilises appropriate humour, related antidotes, the power of real life story telling, practical “how to’s” and a continual “cup emptying” approach to connect with and hold your group for the entire speech or seminar.
  • All of Bill’s speeches and seminars are practical, down to earth and filled with usable content, but yet inspiring and entertaining. He is often referred to as an EDUTAINER. When you attend one of Bill’s sessions you will hear real life proven ideas and actions that work. There is very little theory that is not backed up with business and personal examples that transfer to action in the work place and in our personal lives.
  • Because of his 34 years of business ownership as an entrepreneur he knows the importance of aligning his message with the organisation’s, goals, directions and challenges. For you the paying client or sponsor, there will only be positive surprises.
  • Bill has the stage presence and experience that ensures excellent results every time. In the past 30 years Bill has successfully addressed over ONE MILLION PEOPLE on stages around the world to diverse cultures and nationalities and has spoken several times to members of the National Speakers Association (Professional Speakers). He is highly regarded by other professional speakers and is one of the most sought after speakers in the area of sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development, leadership and motivation.
  • With Bill your group will receive a “breath of fresh air” and “new dimensions” to the challenges and situations they face daily. Your Return On Investment (ROI) will be high with Bill Gibson

Here’s What Clients Also Say About Bill Gibson:
“Bill is the first person who has ever given us a proven and measurable Customer Relationship Development Process. The Process has proven so beneficial in our Siemens Building Technologies and Security Division in South Africa that we are now planning to use Bill Gibson to help us implement the process, strategies and tools with our Business Development and Account Management Team in Dubai. We can now measure both Qualitative and Quantitative Results for the first time.” – Joachim Pfautsch, Business Development Manager, Middle East and South Africa, Siemens Building Technologies and Security Division, Switzerland.
“If your association hires Bill Gibson to personally speak to its members or work with you and your Board, you can only win. He is one of the top business speakers in North America.” – Pat Henry, President, Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada

“Your contribution in Newport Beach was phenomenal.” – Al Walker, President, National Speakers Association

“Every single response was unanimously positive. An average of 90% voted the seminar excellent.” – Richard Vernon, Regional Manager, IBM South Africa

“It has been a year since you facilitated our annual strategic planning session. I’ve never witnessed anyone bring a group of colleagues with varied cultural and professional backgrounds on –side so fast. It is obvious why you are known as Canada’s #1 Business Speaker.” – Stephen Lu, National Chairman, Hong Kong – Canada Business Association

“One of our regions has achieved a record growth of 300% in sales in the aforementioned items within two weeks of attending your workshop!” – Arthur Merkle, – National Training Manager, Ster-Kinekor Theatres (South Africa)

“We’ve heard nothing but praise for you and your timely message.” – Linda M. Knapp, Director, Professional Development, American Booksellers Association.

More About Bill And His Speeches, Seminars And Programs:
Bill Gibson is the Chairperson of Knowledge Brokers International (Canada, South Africa, Middle East) and the author/developer of the 25 module sales and personal marketing program titled “The Complete Sales Action System™”. Combined with his 8 module program “Managing Complex Business Relationships System” (Long Sales Cycle Selling), the two systems make up one of the most comprehensive in-depth sales, sales management, personal marketing and key account management programs in the world.

Bill Gibson is a Canadian and has been billed as Canada’s #1 Business Speaker in Canada by the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada. In recent years over 90% of Bill’s time and effort has been working with Multi-Nationals and other organizations in South Africa implementing his Sales, Service and Personal Marketing Systems on behalf of local representatives Knowledge Brokers International S.A. (Pty) Ltd.

Recently Bill’s material has been translated into Arabic and his family business, KBI, in conjunction with Target Consulting in Kuwait have graduated 200 students in Saudi Arabia from Bill’s Professional Sales Representative Career Programme. (One hundred and eleven three hour sessions)

In 2005 Bill facilitated a four day strategic planning session for the South African Presidency’s Communications Research Directorate team. He also spoke in 2005 at the World Council for Small Business Conference hosted in South Africa.

Bill’s book “Boost Your Business in Any Economy” has been published by Ten Speed Press of Berkley, California. The Nightingale Conant Corporation of Chicago (Largest publishers of audio learning programs in the world) has published Bill’s 6 Cassette program titled ‘The Art & Science of Problem Solving’.

His three newest 12 hour 6 Audio CD and Manual Programs are:

  • Turning Entrepreneurial Spirit Into Business Opportunities
  • Boosting Sales & Profits With Focus Selling
  • Making Personal and Corporate Marketing And Advertising Really Pay

In the 90’s over a period of 5 years Bill’s Canadian companies graduated over 5000 business owners and executives from the 8 – 10 month Business Owner Development Program. Some businesses had increased sales as much as 300% in ten months.

Bill has also toured over 100 Communities in Canada speaking on “The People Side of Economic Development”. Prior to his 30 years of speaking, training and operating his own business and program development companies, Bill worked in the attractions business, mining and steel industry, consumer finance, entertainment industry and the broadcast industry. Under Bill’s General Management one radio station increased its advertising revenue by 250% and its audience listenership by 35% in less than one year.

Bill’s background not only includes a life of personal selling, advertising, promotions, sales management and training and development, it includes a life as an entrepreneur.

Bill and his work have been endorsed by such greats as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dennis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and organizations such as Tony Robbin’s companies (Bill has trained his salespeople), the National Speakers Association of America, Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) and the Professional Sales Association of South Africa. Bill has spoken at conferences, summits and symposiums on the same platform with South African and world renowned speakers, authors, dignitaries, and world leaders such as President Mbeki, Raymond Ackerman, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Dennis Waitley, Ken Blanchard, Harvey Mackay, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. John Demartini to name only a few.

Over the past few years Bill has literally re-engineered the sales teams of dozens of South African multinational corporations with his unique operationalizing processes with The Complete Sales Action System™ and Managing Complex Business Relationships System.

Recently in South Africa he has customised and presented his new 3 day Agent Achiever Program for the RealNet Property Group.

His clients over the years have included North American organizations such as AT&T, GTE, Phillips Broadband, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal, Kodak Canada, Credit Union Executives Society, and a host of others.

His South African clients include ABSA Bank, Nedcor Bank, BOE Bank, BMW SA, SIEMENS – Industry and Energy, McCarthy Motor Holdings, SAPPI, Santam, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Standard Bank, Vodacom and Toyota S.A., AFRICON Engineering, Engen, Petro S.A., RealNet, Institute Of Realtors Of South Africa… to name a few.

Bill is a regular contributor to Succeed Magazine (small business), Marketing Tempo Newsletter – Sanlam, e-Vantage Magazine (conference industry), and Pursuit Magazine (fashion industry), and is a regular contributor to Sales Guru Magazine. He has mentored Siyabonga Mapoko in his new business “iCaptive” and wrote the Foreword for Siya’s new book titled “CONVERSATIONS with JSE AltX entrepreneurs”. As part of his corporate citizenship he regularly donates time, expertise and educational products to help in the empowerment of South African individuals and entrepreneurs with groups such as The South West Gauteng College in Soweto.

He tours several times a year speaking to thousands of present and potential business owners and entrepreneurs in South Africa, sponsored by Nedbank Small Business, FNB Business Bank, Sanlam and other socially responsible organizations.

In November 2008 in South Africa Bill was broadcasted in 15 Ster Kinekor theatres throughout South Africa Speaking to 5000 potential and present business owners sponsored by Kuhla Enterprise Finance Ltd. He also just finished a 11 day tour speaking in the Middle East.