Bill Gibson – Testimonials / Awards / Recognitions Are Powerful

Everyone likes to read other people’s mail. Provide this opportunity for your customers by displaying letters of appreciation from your satisfied customers. One retailer has a huge 4’ x 8’ board called the “appreciation board” with dozens of thank-you letters from clients. How about one on your website?

Another one of my clients had 4’ x 5’ blow-ups made of several letters. He displayed them on unusable wall space. Some retailers put blown-up testimonials in retail display stands as testimonials adding credibility while enhancing the selling atmosphere.

The key is to ask for a client to put her comments in writing and let her know why you want it. People like seeing their name in lights. You could even write an article per month about one of your clients, put it on your website or on a magazine or newspaper type masthead and display it in your store. Why not interview three or four clients per month on video, talking about how happy they are with your business and play the video in your store or on your site. The potential is unlimited with this idea.

At our company, Knowledge Brokers International, we often start a sales presentation to potential clients by reviewing a couple of our reference letters that indicate the fantastic results a client received by utilising our processes and services. Utilise those testimonial letters at every opportunity.

Quite often potential clients will ask us to send some information to review before having a meeting with them. We often send 4 or 5 reference letters and almost 100% of the time we get the appointment without sending too much information. Right now, make a list of 6 clients or customers you could solicit for an endorsement quote or letter that could be paid of a display, placed on your website or become part of a presentation

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