Bill Gibson – Take A Lesson From The Airlines

Flying these days is great…look at the extra’s you get!

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Coffee, Juice
  • T.V
  • Telephone
  • Computer Access

Travelling on a jet has its nice sides, particularly the service. As soon as we sit down we are offered a newspaper or magazines. Coffee, juice or a drink comes after take-off. Small inexpensive favours help people relax and enjoy their experience. Incorporate some of these services into your place of business, particularly if customers are waiting for service by themselves. Computer access, T.V., computer games, books and magazines, a calculator and free coffee or juice bar can really change the customer’s experience.

How about several pairs of eye glasses in restaurants for people who have left their spectacles at home or a small flash light so they can see the menu? One restaurant in Swaziland has a beautiful wooden cigar box full of eye glasses for customers to choose from. How about several permanent wall chargers for people to re-charge their cell phone while waiting?

Banks, financial institutions, and any other companies that deal with financial figures can go a long way toward pleasing their customers with a minimal front-end investment. A few pocket calculators fixed to the front counters are helpful to customers filling out deposit slips etc. This service would be appreciated at other businesses that require calculation, like building supplies, paint, wallpaper and furniture.

Remember, the customer is ultimately trying to figure out how much product to purchase, we should make the process as convenient and painless as possible. What kind of magazine or pamphlets and “How To” information or other tools could be left in your waiting area or given to customers to read or listen to while waiting? They should have real customer appeal.

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