Bill Gibson – Surrendering Can Be Powerful

There was a time that I felt surrendering was a sign of weakness or being a coward. I guess it depends on why and who we are surrendering to.

The following insight came to me at a time I was trying to fight the “battles of life” all by myself. I titled it Surrendering To His Way.

The Personal Development & Spiritual Life section of my Blog is there with only the good intent to support and serve the core beliefs and values of all people, regardless of race, creed or religion. This insight is not meant to challenge, convince or spark a debate.

The force that is present in most of our lives has many names. Some of them are Allah, Shiva, Krishna, God, El Shaddai, Buddha, Great Spirit, The Infinite, and the list goes on. The language I utilise is God.


Surrender To His Way


Oh what a beautiful realisation,

That there is much more to this civilization,

Than the “hustle” and “bustle” of the day,

There is the peace and joy of God’s Way.


I am aware, understand and know,

That the Divine Source is the only way to go.

With all my focus on the Divine Mind,

The “hustle” and “bustle” are left behind.


Through my trust and faith in the Light of Truth,

My prosperity and abundance go through the roof.

My needs, wants, goals and desires,

Are totally met because God only inspires.


My feeling nature now has a glow,

For the simple reason I’m in God’s flow.

To the Divine I surrender my doubts and fears,

That I held so closely through the years.


My gratitude, thanks giving and my love,

Releases the gifts from the Divine above.

There is no limit to the gifts I receive,

When I freely give to those in need.


With my consciousness of spirit,

As my unlimited source.

I now rest in peace,

I’m finally living, with the Divine Force.


You too can have it all,

Just listen carefully and respond to his call.

You have my assurance you’ll have a wonderful day,

If you totally surrender to God’s Way.

–          Bill Gibson

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