Bill Gibson – Look Within If You Want To Win

Through my own personal development and spiritual practises I sometimes have insights that surface for me and I put them in writing. Some of you may find the following insights useful at this time in your life. For me, I find the more years I am on this planet, the more I understand that the real power comes from within.


The Personal Development & Spiritual Life section of my Blog is placed on my Blog with only the good intent to support and serve the core beliefs and values of all people, regardless of race, creed or religion. This insight I am sharing with you is not meant to challenge, convince or spark a debate.

The force that is present in most of our lives has many names. Some of them are Allah, Shiva, Krishna, God, El Shaddai, Great Spirit, The Infinite, The Divine, and the list goes on. The language I often utilise is God, the Divine and the Infinite.

Look Within If You Want To Win

“Today I Ask The Man … What Is The Plan?”
And Where Is “The Source That Can Give Me The Course?”
The Answer Came “It Is The Divine That Leaves Scarcity Behind”
And “It Is The Inner Substance That Is My Abundance”

I Must “Look Within If I Want To Win”
If I “Look Without I End Up In Doubt”
To “Have Love I Must Seek Above”
And To “Go Below I Lose The Glow”

“I Can Do My Part By Trusting My Heart”
And When “I Give Freely I’m Always Surprised …
How “High I Actually Do Rise”

If I Take It All “I Experience A Fall”
And When I’m Greedy “I End Up Needy”
So With “Charity We Find The Ways To Prosperity”

By “Doing What I Love, I Fly Like A Dove”
And When I “Let Go” I’m In “The Flow”
Forcing “Myself Brings No Wealth”
Enjoying The Trip Is The Key …
For Real Prosperity For You And Me

When I “Love What I Do”
It Gets Easy “To Make It Through”
And If I Always “Give It My Best”
I Find Out “I Don’t Need To Rest”

Take The “Short Cut” I End Up “In A Rut”
When I’m Thorough “There Is Always Tomorrow”
To Have “The Health And The Wealth”
I Tap Into The “School Called The Energy Pool”

I Build My “Kingdom With Divine Wisdom”
And When I Add “Trust As A Must” And “Humility As The Way”
It Guarantees That You And I
Have A Wonderful Stay

– Bill Gibson

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Bill Gibson is a Canadian who is living in South Africa. He is an international speaker and author and a developer of sales, service, marketing, collecting, employee morale building, personal development and entrepreneurial training programs and systems. His blog is and his website is He can be reached at or phone +27-11-784-1720 in South Africa. You can follow Bill Gibson on Twitter: @billgibson1, connect on LinkedIn: or Knowledge Brokers International SA Pty Ltd Facebook Page:

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